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Titanium gr2 welding material - titanium wire Dia2mm

Product Description

Titanium bright wire

Standard: ASTM B863

Material grade: GR2

Size: 2mm

Condition: M(Annealing)

Production method: hot drawing

Surface: polished, acid washing

Application: decoration, medical, welding, 3D printing etc.

Titanium wire feature

Titanium Wire is slivery metal with excellent properties. Density is 4.51g/cm³ lighter than Steel. But mechanical strength is higher than Steel, 2 times stronger than Aluminium, 5 times stronger than Magnesium. Pure Titanium Wire is high temperature resistance and melting point is 1942K.
High Qualiy Titanium Wire has low density, light weight, high strength, also has the good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and so on.
Titanium wire can be applyed in different walks of life. Such as military industry, medical, sporting goods industry, glasses, earring, headwear, plating hangers, welding wire etc.


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