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Yixin Titanium has been a small supplier to the oil and gas industries for many years, supplying high quality titanium forged parts and extremely competitive pricing.  

Due to the tough environmental conditions in the oil and gas industries, subsea, surface and fracking, Yixin Titanium has concentrated all of its technical specialization to guarantee only the highest quality materials and forging capabilities to produce the finest forging products available to avoid failures and expensive downtime.

Oil & Gas Forged Parts Include:

  • Hollow bars, tubing & pipe

  • Seamless Rolled Rings

  • Flanged Connectors

  • Wear rings, bearing rings, guide rings

  • Check Valves

  • Cylinders

  • Shafts, Step & Flanged

  • Swivel Stems

  • Madrels

  • Stabilizers

  • Pump Blocks

  • Hubs

Yixin Titanium, has passed AS9100 certification and DNV business assurance management system certification.

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