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titanium ring

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  • Can a Titanium ring be cut off?

    Can a Titanium ring be cut off?Yes! Please be aware that in any situation where it might become necessary to cut off a Titanium ring--for instance excessive weight gain, hand injury, etc.

  • The story of titanium ring

    The story of titanium rings is coming from an age as old as the story of titanium itself.

  • About Titanium Gr5 Forged Ring

    Titanium Grade 5 Forgings are components manufactured from titanium alloy with additions of oxygen, nitrogen and traces of ferrous content. Titanium Gr.5 Forgings have high strength, low weight ratio and outstanding corrosion resistance.

  • How to clean the titanium ring?

    Recently, titanium ring is an excellent choice for the selection of jewelry,but do you konw how to clean the titanium ring? Let me tell you the simplest method.

  • The titanium ring differs from the gold ring

    Titanium rings are becoming more popular than gold rings right now.They are lightweight are fairly inexpensive. They are also scratch resistant.Yellow gold is classic, less expensive than platinum but more than titanium. It is also a precious metal, and heavier than titanium.

  • Why is titanium and titanium alloy ring used in Offshore Applications?

    The outstanding performance of titanium and titanium alloys ring in sea water, brackish and polluted waters, and petroleum refinery environments has been fully exploited in recent years by the offshore oil and gas industry.Today,the number and variety of applications of titanium and titanium alloys ring offshore is increasing at an exponential rate.

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titanium ring

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