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Titanium bars manufacturer

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  • Titanium bars are used on the Comac

    The aerospace industry is an industry that needs constant innovation.Today,one of the things to say is comac collaborated with different titanium plant for the aviation program,so that proves that titanium bars are used on the Comac.

  • Ti-6AL-4V Titanium bar

    Ti-6AL-4V Titanium bar is the most widely used titanium grade,Its capabilities enable this grade to be used in many applications.

  • Titanium bars are using within the chlorine related industries

    Titanium bars are also an excellent material to prevent seawater corrosion. As a result titanium bars are often using within the chlorine related industries such as pulp and paper and chlor-alkali / bleach.

  • The military use of titanium bars

    The distinct advantages of low density,high strength,a large competitive industrial base,and well eatablished forming and shaping techniques establishes titanium bar as an excellent material for many military application.

  • Titanium bar or steel bar which is stronger?

    Titanium because the ionic bonds between the titanium molecules are stronger than steels,titanium bar is much stronger than steel bar but much less dense.

  • Do you think it's possible to build a car with a titanium frame

    Titanium for a car frame gives more strength and safety but expect higher cost than an ordinary framing.If you want a stiffer and lighter car body structure than steel plate, composite materials or carbon fibre are better options.

  • The brief of titanium bars aerospace

    This content will take you know titanium bars aerospace.

  • Titanium bars used in aerospace will be further increased

    The amount of titanium bars used in aerospace engines is also gradually increased, the amount of titanium bars has reached about 30% of foreign advanced aircraft engines.

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Titanium bars manufacturer

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