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Titanium bar aerospace

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  • Titanium bar use in aerospace

    Aerospace,commercial and military remains the largest and most important business sector for the global titanium industry.Titanium bar is the clear material of choice for a variety of critical,high-tolerance aerospace applications.

  • Titanium bar for global aerospace

    With the titanium products, titanium alloys products and manufacturing methods are employed by the aerospace industry, the use of titanium bar will expand in this application.

  • Why titanium bar can meet the aerospace use?

    The high strength and low density of titanium bar gives aero-engine manufacturers the high levels of performance they desire.Engines parts manufactured from titanium bar include discs, blades, shafts and casings for the front fan to the rear end of the engine.

  • The aerospace industry is the number one customer for titanium bar

    There are several properties of titanium that make the aerospace industry is the number one customer for titanium bar.

  • Titanium bars used in aerospace will be further increased

    The amount of titanium bars used in aerospace engines is also gradually increased, the amount of titanium bars has reached about 30% of foreign advanced aircraft engines.

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Titanium bar aerospace

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