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  • Do you know the estimated strength of titanium?

    Titanium is one of the strongest metals in the world its also flexible and rust proof.The estimated strength of titanium depends on what grade and heat treated condition of titanium you look at.

  • Basic facts of titanium

    Titanium is the 9th most abundant element in the earth's crust. It is almost always found in igneous rocks.There are 26 known isotopes of titanium ranging from Ti-38 to Ti-63.The most abundant isotope is Ti-48, accounting for 73.8% of all natural titanium.

  • The titanium ring differs from the gold ring

    Titanium rings are becoming more popular than gold rings right now.They are lightweight are fairly inexpensive. They are also scratch resistant.Yellow gold is classic, less expensive than platinum but more than titanium. It is also a precious metal, and heavier than titanium.

  • How about the titanium forging capabilities of yixin titanium

    Yixin titanium has experienced team of employees which are working in titanium industry for years.They have good knowledge of metallurgy of titanium and titanium alloys,manufacturing processes ,heat treatment and non-destructive testing.

  • Titanium Structure

    This content will show the structure of alpha titanium and Alpha-beta titanium.

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