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Yixin Metal-Fourteen 2018 Shanghai International Titanium Industry Exhibition

Expo Name: Fourteen 2018 Shanghai International Titanium Industry Exhibition

Expo time: 2rd to 4th April, 2018

Yixin Booth#: Hall 7, A325

Yixin team warmly welcome you to our booth. 

Brief introduction of EXPO.

The exhibition focuses on titanium semi-finished products, raw materials, and processing technology and equipment. The exhibition covers the entire industry chain of titanium industrial products and applied materials, non-ferrous metal melting, processing and production, and environmental protection technologies and equipment.

Products include: Titanium ore, titanium sponge, titanium dioxide, plate, bar, wire, cake, ring, pipe

Application: aerospace,Oil & Gas, chemical, power industry, shipbuilding, medical, weapons, automotive, sports and leisure productstitanium crafts etc.;

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