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Grade2 Hot Rolled Titanium Plate

Product Description

Item name: Titanium sheet/plate

Dimension: 5*500*2000mm

Type: Hot Rolled or Cold Rolled or forged

Available material grade: GR1. GR2. GR4. GR5. GR7. GR9. GR12. GR23

Standard: ASTM B 265, AMS 4911, ASTM F67, ASTM F136, ASTM F1295

Advantage: Corrosion resisting, nonmagnetic, high strength, light weight

Application: Chemical, Petroleum, Aircraft

Titanium plate feature

Plate is often used with the goal to get really close to the final dimensions of the part being made. The material is worked to the closest size of the desired part and the grain structure of the finished piece is more homogenous. Titanium sheet is often used as a heat barrier because titanium stops the heat and does not transfer to the rest of the assembly. Titanium plate and sheet have ballistic properties making it great for driver protection in racing. 
Titanium oxide film on the surface of the plate is equivalent to a good durability separating agent. Using titanium sheet can save the separating agent , make sheet easy to strip, To get rid of the process of titanium plate processed in advance. Titanium sheet is lighter than copper sheet.
● The service life of titanium sheet is more than 3 times than copper plate, and according to operating conditions, the service

life of titanium sheet is up to 10 to 20 years.
● The electrolytic copper crystal made by titanium sheet have compact structure, smooth surface, excellent quality.
● Using titanium sheet can avoid the pollution of copper electrolyte, because titanium sheet don't need to daub separating agent.
● Titanium sheet can improve productivity, reduce the production cost of electrolytic copper, so titanium sheet can make good economic benefit.

Titanium plate application

Heat exchangers and condensers
Seawater desalination industry
Chemical Industry, 
Electroplating equipment
Precision instruments
Environmental protection equipment
Auto industry
Medical and Sports industry
Electric power industry


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