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Model: DIA 6.35~30×1000MM

Gr23 medical titanium bar - for bone implant - Titanium alloy bar

Baoji Yixin-Gr23 medical titanium bar Ti 6Al4V bar for bone implant Titanium alloy bar with high strength
Baoji Yixin-Titanium bar available in Gr2 Gr4 Gr23
Product Description

Gr23 titanium bar

Baoji Yixin Titanium: mainly focus on medical titanium rod, Dental implant titanium blank and wire

Available materials: Gr2, Gr4, Gr23;

Executive standard: GB/T 13810, ASTM F136, ASTM F67, ISO 5832-2, ISO 5832-3

Medical titanium rod production range: Dia5-30mm×L

Medical titanium plate production range: diameter 98mm, diameter 95mm, thickness: 10~25mm;

Pure titanium and titanium alloy materials, such as Gr2, Gr23, etc. are widely used in limb implants, alternative functional materials, dentistry, medical devices and other related fields.

Titanium and titanium alloys have the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, high specific strength, low modulus of elasticity, fatigue resistance and good biocompatibility. Among them, the good biocompatibility makes it uniquely superior to other metals, so it is widely favored in the medical field.


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