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Titanium Bar Ultrasonic Testing Level A - AMS4928 TI6AL4V

Product Description

Categories of Titanium bar:

As per processing method: Titanium Extruded bar, Titanium forging bar, Titanium rolling bar

As per shape: titanium round bar, titanium rectangular bar, titanium square bar, titanium flat bar

As per material: pure titanium bar: Gr1, Gr2    Titanium alloy bar:Gr5, Gr23, etc.

Delivery condition of Yixin's Titanium bar:

R: Hot rolling condition  

Y: Cold rolling condition

M: Heat treatment condition(recrystallization)

Production processing of Yixin's Titanium bar:

Billet preparation→Heating→Rolling→Heating→Rotary forging→Heat treatment→Straightening→

Grinding→Acid washing→Ultrasonic testing→Sampling→Inspection→Cut ends,cut to fixed size→Finished product inspection→Finished Product→Packing

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