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Yixin metal and Jinhaiyuan jointly carried out winter fire drill

"Pay attention to fire fighting, life first"

Yixin metal and Jinhaiyuan jointly carried out winter fire drill

    On December 23, 2020, YIXIN Metal and Jinhaiyuan jointly organized a half-day fire safety training in order to prevent winter fire hazards, strengthen fire safety awareness of employees, and improve their ability to grasp the essentials of fire escape and fire fighting.



    Training instructors combined with the characteristics of winter fire, recent practical cases on fire prevention;Fire protection laws and regulations;stated guidelines and policies for fire control work;Fire fighting and rescue, evacuation and self-rescue call;The knowledge of the use of fire extinguishers was explained patiently and carefully. At the end of the training, the escape essentials were simulated and fire fighting drills were organized.



    By carrying out this fire training and emergency drill, all the staff of Yixin company have further enhanced the safety awareness of "fire is like a tiger, prevention is better than contingency", and enhanced the emergency treatment and self-rescue ability, thus achieving the good effect of popularizing the fire protection knowledge and building the safety "firewall".

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