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Yixin Annual Report Meeting of 2017

Yixin Annual Report Meeting of 2017

Based on Enterprise's Reality to Strengthen Management Ability

   On 30th, December, 2017, Yixin Annual Report Meeting was held successfully. The Meeting lasted two hours, Vice General Manager, Mr Sun Min, presided over the meeting, and each department head attended the meeting. 


   First, Vice General Manager, Mr Sun Min, gave a summary work report of 2017, who expressed sincere thanks to all staffs hard work, affirmed the work achievements of each department, pointed out the problems in work, defined the 2018 year work plan. Mr Sun encouraged everyone to be confident and determined to work in the coming new year. 


    Second, Based on its responsibilities and work targets set at the beginning of the year, each department head gave a brief summary of its work, found out the shortcomings during work, analyzed the reason for unfinished work, put forward the 2018 year work idea. 


 In the end, General Management Mr Sun Zicheng stressed the spirit of unity and hard work to overcome difficulties, asked each department to raise work requirements, speed up work pace, define work goals, insist on development strategies. Mr sun also asked all departments to fulfill their duties, adjust work idea and path based on problems and objectives to complete the annual goals and tasks successfully.




 In general, the purpose of this meeting is to sum up the work in 2017, analyze the present situation and make plan for 2018.

    In 2018, Yixin team will continue to deepen its internal management system and strengthen its execution on the spot. Yixin management concept: Everything have rules to follow, Everything is well documented, Everything is assigned to the specially-assigned person, Everything is supervised. This management concept will ensure the client requirements and interests protected, make each production process, each inspection, each delivery be traceable, and finally make Made In Yixin well know all over the world. In 2018, all employees will be full of passion, and strive to create a new prosperity situation. 

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