YIXIN TITANIUM Material of BT9,BT22,GR5 Summary

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YIXIN TITANIUM Material of BT9,BT22,GR5 Summary

1.Grade BT9  (Equivalent to TC11 Ti-6.5Al-3.5Mo-1.5Zr-0.3Si)

After decades of production with plenty testings ,the TC11 products,bars and forgings can meet the requirement of GB/T2965,GJB2218A,GJB2744A etc. And the properties and hardness data better than standard requirement. The average properties can be 50MPA above standard requirement of 1030MPA.The NDT as per national or international standard can be supplied.

  • TC11 Mechanical property report


  • TC11 Impact testing at room temp.


  • TC11 Micro structure test report


  • TC11 UT test report


  • TC11Hardness test report


2. GradeBT22TC18(Equivalent to TC18 Ti-5Al-4.75Mo-4.75V-1Cr-0.1Si)

TC18 tensile strength can reach above 1080MPA, the products can also have sound plasticity property.Impact test and micro structure test all satisfy the requirement of GJB2744.Mechanical property at high temp as per client requirement can be supplied.

  • TC18 Ti bar mechanical property report


  • TC18 Impact testing at room temp.


  • TC18 Micro structure test report 


3. GradeTC4(Gr5 TI6AL4V)

          Besides normal standard of TC4 material,YIXIN can also supply the products in solution condition. After solution treatment, the products can meet standard of GJB2219.

  • TC4 material after solution mechanical property report


  • TC4 material after solution micro structure test report



  • TC4 material after solution shearing test report


       YIXIN TITANIUM has turned the art of production high quality titanium and its alloy bars,rings,forgings,flanges etc. We supply solutions for the issues that you concerns

       Titanium manufacturing,we are professional!

    Professional facilities: The forging hammer, HT furnace etc equipment has been qualified and certified as per API 6A and Norsok M650.New ring rolling machine and heat treatment furnace has been allocated in 2017 to updates the company supplying capacity for more competitive price.YIXIN company has good R&D team to make sure the supplying as per client needs.

       Complete testing method: UT,Hardness,PI,VT,RT.

      Inspector : NDT inspector has been certified Level two and the highest level three.

      We are diligent in manufacturing titanium products!

    Taking effort to learn ,and to improve for better supplying of products and services.


Ref. standard

GB/T2965 Spec. for titanium & titanium alloy bars

GJB2218A Spec. For titanium & titanium alloy bars and billets for Aerospace application

GJB2219 Spec. For titanium &titanium alloy bars(wires) for fastener parts

GJB2744A Spec.For titanium & titanium alloy bars and billet for Aerospace application

ASTMB348 Titanium &titanium alloy bars and billets

ASTMB381 Titanium &titanium forgings

AMS4928 Spec. For GR5 Alloy titanium bar forgings and rings


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