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Why titanium jewelry is getting popular?

What is Titanium?

Titanium is a natural element which has a silver-greyish-white color. Titanium is the hardest natural metal in the world. It is very strong, three times the strength of steel and much stronger than gold silver and platinum and yet is very light weight. Pure titanium is also 100% hypoallergenic which means that it if safe for anyone to wear as it will not react to your skin.

Why choose titanium?                

Titanium provides several unique factors that make it the ideal metal for jewelry rings. It is very strong, more dent, bend and scratch resistant than gold, silver and platinum, is lightweight and importantly offers an exotic array of colors which other metals simply do not. Titanium can be colored in blue, purple, blue like the night sky and black rainbow colors. Our titanium is also 100% hypoallergenic and will not produce skin irritation or discoloration.

What grade of titanium do you use in your titanium rings?

We use 99.9% pure commercial grade titanium. Our titanium is pure and of surgical implant quality which means that it is hypoallergenic and allergy free.

Is titanium hypoallergenic?                 

Pure titanium is 100% hypoallergenic and allergy free and will not produce skin irritation or discoloration. Pure titanium does not react to sunlight, salt water or anything that the body emits. This is why we only offer pure titanium to our clients. We do not use other metal alloys with our titanium to ensure only the purest and safest titanium is used in our rings. We use pure titanium with confidence knowing that everyone can wear it without the concern of an adverse reaction to your body.

Does the color fade or wear - How to care for your titanium rings

Although titanium is a very strong metal, much stronger than gold, platinum and silver, and is more scratch, bend, and dent resistant, it is not completely scratch resistant. As with any jewelry, titanium rings will scratch. Scratching of any metal, including titanium can happen within one day or one year - there is not a certain time frame when scratching and wear will begin to occur. To help keep your ring looking good, we suggest that you not wear your ring while doing manual work, while gardening, while working with abrasive substances, at the gym, playing sport or at the sandy beach. As with gold rings, polished titanium rings can easily be polished by a local jeweler for only a few dollars to make the ring look like new again. Remember, the more respect you have for your jewelry, the longer it will stay looking good for you. You do need to appreciate however that titanium rings, as with gold rings, can and will scratch with normal every day wear and not just with heavy wear.

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