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Why is titanium and titanium alloy ring used in Offshore Applications?

      The outstanding performance of titanium and titanium alloys ring in sea water, brackish and polluted waters, and petroleum refinery environments has been fully exploited in recent years by the offshore oil and gas industry.Today,the number and variety of applications of titanium and titanium alloys ring offshore is increasing at an exponential rate.

      Why is titanium and titanium alloy ring used in Offshore Applications?Three principal factors as following:

      Firstly,titanium and titanium alloy rings are good for plant safety and protection of the environment at the life cycle cost.

      Secondly,titanium continues to be available at competitive and relatively stable prices, and with this has come supporting growth of fabrication experience and capability to supply a wide range of titanium products, particularly titanium ring,pipes, fittings and systems required by the offshore industry.

      The third factor in the increased specification and use of titanium and titanium ring has been the improved availability of information to design engineers and offshore operators of the useful combination of properties which titanium products uniquely possesses, together with the practical aspects of specifying and using titanium ring cost effectively. 

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