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Titanium scooter bars

       Young people's ideas are bold and innovative,so far, they have made out the titanium scooter bars,which is lighter and stronger than our standard bars.Pro scooter handlebars are usually made out of 4130 chromoly or 6061 titanium. The original folding Razor bars have been out of use for years now and are replaced with welded and often gusseted bars for extra strength.Bars can be custom cut to the preference of the rider and are generally between 18 in to 30 inch Tall and 14 inch to 30 inch Wide.Custom-made titanium scooter bars are the choice of any serious rider,the added strength,stability and feel mean that riders can attempt tricks with a lot more confidence.Titanium bars are strong enough to take some real punishment but are much lighter than their chromoly counterparts.

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