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Titanium flanges are used in the marine field

       The common titanium flange grades include Gr1,Gr2,Gr3,Gr4,Gr5,Gr7,Gr9,Gr12,Gr19,Gr23,etc.There are many types of flanges,such as Slip On Flange,Welding Neck Flange,Threaded Flange(Screwed Flange),Plain Flange,Blind Flange,Lap Joint Flange,Wocket Welding Flange and welded flange.The production technology of flanges are Forging & CNC machining.Titanium Flanges have Excellent corrosion resistance,High strength,Low density,long lifetime properties.

       Except for the above,titanium flange is widely used in many fields.Now,we mainly introduce the application of titanium flanges in marine field.Titanium flanges have high strength,Low weight, Excellent corrosion resistance features to sea water, Nonmagnetic, Excellent Heat and low temperature resistance,so it is wildly used in boats and steamers production.There are many parts of the ship are changed to titanium flanges, like Propeller,Pressure Shell,Hull Structure, Pipeline,Valve and fittings,Heat Exchanger,Condensers, Sonar dome,etc.

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