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Titanium enterprises salon

    For better communication and technical exchange among entrepreneurs, enterprises and industries, the first enterprise salon of titanium information cooperative enterprises was held in YIXIN TITANIUM on december 21, 2020, which was undertaken by YIXIN TITANIUM and hosted by Titanium Industry Information Association.


    Mr Qi Haigang ,GM of Titanium industry information Association,assistant manager Ms NiXia, GM Manager of YIXIN TITANIUM Mr. Sun Min and  Senior Technical Engineer Mr Duan;Mr. Luo Cheng ,GM of Baoji Jucheng Co.,Ltd;  Wen Rui, GM of Baoji YST titanium;  Baoji Jin Haiyuan Co.,Ltd,GM Mr Xu Cheng with assistant and Mr Xubin ,GM of Luoyang titanium have attended this meeting.


This salon consists of three parts:

1. Communication salon: Representatives of various enterprises introduced the company, mainly explaining the history of the establishment of the company, its current scale and main products.  Mr Xu, GM of Jin Haiyuan  talked about the pain point of the development of titanium fastener industry, which is also the pain point of the development of the entire titanium industry.


2. Learning exchange meeting: Duan Xiaohui, YIXIN Senior Technical engineer , has shared lectures on relevant standards of titanium and titanium alloy bars and forgings. Meanwhile, it will also conduct a live broadcast of Tiktok so that more people in the industry who want to learn and exchange can participate in the learning exchange, and conduct interactive practical explanation and question and answer between enterprises.


3. Factory visit and study: First, Marketing manager has led the representatives of enterprises to visit YIXIN workshops, and then Mr. Xu Cheng, GM of Jinhaiyuan led the representatives of enterprises to visit the Production workshop of Jinhaiyuan and made explanations.

Through face-to-face communication, enterprises have deepened their understanding and laid a foundation for later cooperation. Participants said they have gained a lot and this salon meeting was a complete success.





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