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Titanum Disc/block Φ98mm Φ98.5mm for Dental Use

Titanium disc with diameter 98mm, 98.5mm mainly used for dental application.

Product Description

1. Product Name: Titanium disc, titanium block, titanium target

2. Main Material Grade

Pure Titanium: Grade2 and Grade4

Titanium alloy: Grade5 and Grade23(Grade5 ELI/ Ti6Al4V Eli)

3. Size: Φ98mm × 10mm without step

             Φ98mm × 12mm with step

             Φ98mm × 14mm with step

             Φ98mm × 16mm with step

             Φ98mm × 18mm with step

             Φ98mm × 20mm with step

             Φ98mm × 22mm with step

             Φ98mm × 25mm with step

             Φ98mm × 30mm with step

Note: Discs with iameter 98.5mm are also applicable for dental use.

4. Chemical composition

Elements/GradeGrade 2Grade 4Grade 5 Eli /Grade 23
N, Max0.030.050.05
C, Max0.080.080.08
H, Max0.0150.0150.012
Fe, Max0.30.50.25
O, Max0.250.40.13
Ti, MaxBalanceBalanceBalance

Titanium density: 4.51g/cm3

5. Surface: Ra1.6 or Ra3.2 as per client requirement

6.Application: Dental 

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