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Titanium bar is the lightweight alternative for bicycle production materials

       Titanium is a viable and beautiful lightweight alternative.Titanium bar has been used to make bicycle frames for about 30 years. In the early days, there was only a handful of brands specialising in titanium, and US brands like Seven, Serotta, Litespeed and Merlin built an enviable reputation for their expertise with the material. Titanium frames are now commonly manufactured in the Far East which has led to prices coming down quite a lot, into the realms of affordability for many.

       The unique colour of titanium bar ensures it stands out against most other road bikes. Various finishes are available, the tubes can be brushed or bead-blasted and can even be painted if you prefer, but many people buying titanium bar do so partly for its unique and timeless appearance. A titanium frame will still look good in 10 years time.

       Titanium bars are not only used in bicycle manufacturing, but also in aerospace.Our company-baoji yixin titanium is professional produce the high quality titanium bar ,especially the titanium bar for aerospace,welcome to consult!

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