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Titanium Structure

Commercially pure titanium and alpha alloys of titanium are non-heat treatable and are generally very weldable. They have low to medium strength, good notch toughness, reasonably good ductility and possess excellent mechanical properties at cryogenic temperatures. Pure titanium and alpha alloys possess the highest corrosion resistance. More highly alloyed near alpha alloys offer optimum high temperature creep strength and oxidation resistance as well.
Alpha +Beta
Alpha-beta alloys are heat treatable and most are weldable. Their strength levels are medium to high, however high temperature creep strength is not as good as in most alpha alloys. Cold forming may be limited. Hot forming qualities are normally good. Many alloys can be super plastically formed. The most commonly used alpha+beta alloy is Ti-6Al-4V, developed in many variations of the basic formulation for the widest possible choice of key properties and for many widely differing applications.

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