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Titanium, Steel and Aluminium

  Titanium has been very popular over the years and its properties are superior to a lot of other metals. It has not been extensively used mainly due to its high cost; its high functionality in aerospace and military applications has improved its use and desirability however.

  The key determining factors in the type of metal to use for a specific project are the strength of the metal, its density or weight and the cost. Titanium is a highly coveted metal due to its near perfect strength to weight ratio and so is one of the most applicable metals on the market.

  Aluminium is the primary metal utilized in aircraft today as it is light, workable and cost-effective. Certain stronger alloys of aluminium are excellent choices to reduce emissions and save on fuel. Even though titanium is more suited for aerospace applications, its high cost deters it being used and aluminium is more popular. In airframe and engine applications where engine speed, strength and power are factors, titanium is more effective. Steel is stronger than titanium, but due to its weight, it is not used for most aerospace applications.

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