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Model: GR12

Titanium Gr7 Gr12 SO WN PL BL Titanium Flange

Product Description

Product Name: GR12 Titanium flange ( Titanium Molybdenum Nickel )

Standard: ANSI B16.5

Others can be produced:  ANSLB16.5, EN1092-1, GOST12820, GOST12821, DIN, ect.

Material can be made: pure titanium GR1~GR4, alloy GR5, GR12, GR7, GR9, BT9, etc.

Flange type: WN titanium flange, SO titanium flange, BL blind titanium flange, PL plate titanium flange ect.

Size and pressure are produced according to customer requirements

Accept customized according to the drawing.

titaniumTA10 GR12 gr7 gr2 flange (2)

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