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Model: gr12
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Titanium GR12 Forged Ring

Product Description

Titanium forged ring for chemical equipment

Size as client drawing

GR12 (Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni) Titanium alloy is a corrosion-resistant titanium alloy. 

GR12 density is 4.54 g/cm3, the room temperature elastic modulus is 103-107 GPa, the hardness is HB 180-215, and the phase transition point is 890±15 °C

GR12 Corrosion resistance: Nickel improves the crevice corrosion resistance of titanium in hydrochloric acid solution, but in the reducing acid, the corrosion resistance of Ti-Ni alloy is lower than that of pure titanium. Appropriate addition of molybdenum in the Ti-Ni alloy can improve its corrosion resistance in the reducing medium.

YIXIN TITANIUM mainly enagged in titanium forged ring production, GR2. GR5, GR12, GR9, GR28 material grade is very popular. Destructive test & Non-destructive test: PT/UT/RT will be done as client requirement.


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