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Titanium Alloys – Ti3Al2.5V Grade 9 and Grade 18

Ti3Al2.5V (Grade 9)
This alloy is sometimes referred to as 'half 6-4'. It offers 20 to 50% higher strength than commercially pure grades, but is more formable and weldable than Ti6Al4V. It is principally used as tubing in aircraft engine hydraulic systems, for high strength corrosion resisting applications such as golf club shafts, tennis rackets, bicycle frames etc.
Ti3Al2.5V0.05Pd (Grade 18)
Grade 18 is identical to Grade 9 with the exception of the addition of palladium to increase the corrosion resistance. Mechanical and physical properties, specifications and forms are all identical to those of Grade 9.
The alloys composition differs by the addition of 0.04-0.08% Pd.

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