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Model: TI6AL4V
Unit: MM

Ti6Al4V Titanium Gr5 Forged Plate with High Strength

Titanium alloy parts are ideally suited for advanced aerospace systems because of their unique combination of high specific strength at both room temperature and moderately elevated temperature, in addition to excellent corrosion resistance.
Product Description

Product name: Titanium forged plate

Material grade: TI6AL4V Gr5

Standard: ASTM B381


mechanical properity: tensile strength 970Mpa  yeild strength 885Mpa as client required.

Application: aerospace

Titanium advantages in the aerospace industry:
●weight savings (primarily as a steel replacement);
●space limitation (replace Al alloys);
●operating temperature (Al, Ni, steel alloys replacement);
●corrosion resistance (replace Al and low alloy steels); 
●composite compatibility (replace Al alloys).

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