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Ti Application in Heat Exchangers

Ti Application in Heat Exchangers
Titanium has been used for all TEMA type shell and tube heat exchangers, fixed tubesheet, U-tube and floating head icluding gland packed designs. Plate frame heat exchangers are also used in a wide range of duties.
The outstanding corrosion and erosion resistance of titanium provides protection against environmental pollution and cross contamination of process streams. The thermal conductivity of titanium is relatively low. But this is more than offset by the ability to use thin walled tube in tube and shell units or light gauge sheet for plate frame heat exchangers.
Benefits of titanium are:
   Significantly higher thermal conductivity than stainless steels.
   Very high cleanliness factor
   Extreme resistance to local velocities caused by partial tube or channel blockage
   Immunity to microbiologically influenced corrosion.
Welded thin wall plain tube is most commonly used for heat transfer application. Seamless tube may be supplied for heavier wall application.
Extended surface tubes include fine integral fin, applied.high fin and roped tube.Design for corrosion resistance and optimum heat transfer will all liquid systems, condensing and evaporating is, therefore, possible.

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