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The weight computing formula of titanium products

How can we calculate the weight of titanium products, in the following words ,I would like to show you the way.

D= diameter    T=thickness    W=width    L=length    OD=outer diameter    WT=wall thickness

1. titanium bar D^2 * 3.14 * 4.51* L/4000,000

2. titanium plate T * W * L * 4.51 / 1000,000

3. titanium mesh T * W * L * 4.51 / 1000,000 / 1.3

4. titanium tube (OD-WT)* WT *3.14* 4.51 * L / 1000,000

Note: The density of titanium is 4.51g/cm^3 If you wanna calculate other metal products ,You can change the density figure.

Common density : Copper [Cu] 8.92g/cm^3  Stainless steel 7.85g/cm^3    Niobium [Nb] 8.57g/cm^3

                              Chromium 7.22g/cm^3     Zirconium [Zr] 6.49g/cm^3   Aluminum [Al] 2.69G/cm^3

                              Molybdenum [Mo] 10.2g/cm^3  Tungsten [Tu] 19.3g/cm^3  Nickel [Ni] 8.9g/cm^3

                              Tantalum [Ta]16.6g/cm^3   Hafnium [Hf] 13.2g/cm^3   Ferro / iron [Fe] 7.85g/cm^3

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