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The growing potential of titanium in subsea production

       There are three factors kindle the application of titanium in subsea produaction:exploration in very deep waters,high pressure, high temperature wells,the fall and subsequent stabilization of prices for titanium,long-term souring of wells.In the subsea production category,titanium could be used for manifold pipes, but not on a large scale - probably on a par with the current adoption of duplex and super duplex subsea. Titanium subsea valves drew an unenthusiastic response.

      Conoco/Statoil's Heidrun Field employed the world's first titanium drilling riser. Other deepwater developments off Norway and the Shetlands could beneficially follow suit, according to numerous oil industry studies.Some oil companier think that titanium has growing potential in marine produaction and somen items of subsea production equipment.

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