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The application prospect of titanium materials

       "Titanium" - the most promising metal in the 21st century. Titanium is a light metal in refractory metals, with a density of 4.5 grams per cubic centimeter, and only 57 percent of iron. The strength of the titanium alloy higher than strength steel, and at the same time has good heat resistance and low temperature resistance, some of the titanium alloy can be between 450 ℃ - 550 ℃ and 250 ℃ below zero under long-term work. Titanium has good salt tolerance, seawater and nitric acid corrosion. The ti-30m alloy is highly resistant to high concentration of hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. These advantages of titanium alloy make titanium worthy of the title "space" metal, "ocean" metal and the third metal after steel and aluminum.

       Titanium materials is widely used as "space" metal, which is used as an aircraft, rocket engine material, structural material, skin and various pipe joints. A Boeing 747 with 42.7 tonnes of titanium, a 777 with 57 tons of titanium, a 77ER plane with titanium or even a whopping 68 tons, and the f-15 with a titanium size of 24.5 tons. The United States' 21st-century superiority fighter, the f-22, is a huge use of titanium to ensure its excellent performance. As the "ocean" metal, titanium is a metal that can be produced in large quantities, at the lowest price, and almost completely uncorroded by seawater. 

       The Soviet union used a large number of titanium to make nuclear submarine shells, its 3680-ton alpha nuclear submarines, each with 560 tons of titanium, and 9000tons of titanium for typhoon-class missile submarines. These submarines have the advantages of non-magnetic, submergence deep (900 meters), fast speed, low noise and less maintenance. Titanium is also used in the use of condensers for offshore oil pipes, nuclear power plants and coal-fired power stations. In the emerging Marine development industry of the 21st century, titanium will certainly play a major guarantee.

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