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Outstanding performance of titanium wire mesh

       There are three main types of titanium wire:Black pure titanium wire mainly used in ships,water filtration and other industries;Bright pure titanium wire for production of electrodes,battery collector net and fine chemical filtration;Medical titanium wire applies to make medical apparatus and instruments.However,how much do you know about titanium wire mesh?

       Titanium wire mesh is with low density,high specific strength and outstanding corrosion resistance performance in below environment: Seawater,wet chlorine,chlorite and hypochlorite solution,nitric acid,chromic acid,metal chlorides and organic salts etc.In the corrosion environment,the surface of high purity titanium mesh will form an oxidation film layer to protect wire mesh from being corroded.

       The application fields of titanium wire mesh include shipbuilding,war industry manufacturing, chemical filter,mechanical filter,desalination filter,high temperature vacuum equipment,medicine filtration industries etc.

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