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Industry Trends

  • Titanium Non-Magnetic Character


    Commercially pure titanium and all the titanium alloys are virtually non-magnetic making it ideal for applications where electro-magnetic interference must be minimized. Read More

  • Titanium, Steel and Aluminium


    Titanium has been very popular over the years and its properties are superior to a lot of other metals. It has not been extensively used mainly due to its high cost; its high functionality in aerospace and military applications has improved its use and desirability however. Read More

  • China will become the third largest producer of titanium powder


    The end of "Separation of plasma high-temperature titanium - aluminum" technology will completely sell raw materials, titanium-rich history of Yunnan, making China the United States and Russia following the production of titanium powder directly to the world's third-largest titanium industrial countries. Read More

  • TIG and TIP TIG Titanium Welding Data


    Best weld process for welding titanium is "TIP TIG WELDING ". TIP TIG provides superior Titanium weld quality than traditional TIG or Pulsed MIG welds. Read More

  • Titanium application in seawater-desalination


    There are two basic technology categories for desalination systems: membrane/reverse osmosis, and thermal distillation (evaporation). Thermal distillation is broken out into three sub categories: MSF; multiple effect evaporation (MED), and vapor compression. Read More

  • Can a Titanium ring be cut off?


    Can a Titanium ring be cut off?Yes! Please be aware that in any situation where it might become necessary to cut off a Titanium ring--for instance excessive weight gain, hand injury, etc. Read More

  • The Benefits of Titanium Ring


    Titanium is an ideal metal for crafting jewelry due to its outstanding properties. As a professional China titanium products supplier, YIXIN TITANIUM summarizes the benefits of titanium ring.   Read More

  • The application of titanium in offshore


    The number and variety of applications of titanium and titanium alloys offshore continues to increase. Read More

  • “Expensive” titanium


    Titanium prices are subject both to long term trends and periodic volatility. Higher costs for raw materials and energy, as well as increasing demand for titanium in a range of consumer products, work to increase titanium prices. Read More

  • Properties of titanium and titanium alloy products


    In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the demand for titanium and titanium alloys, primarily used in aircraft and aerospace applications. Titanium is an extremely light weight and high strength material. Read More

  • The story of titanium ring


    The story of titanium rings is coming from an age as old as the story of titanium itself. Read More

  • Why titanium products is very expensive?


    Titanium is used in a wide number of industries including aerospace and jewellery making, and it is valued for being highly resistant to corrosion particularly from chlorine and seawater.Everybody knows that titanium products are very expensive,but why is it so expensive? Read More

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Industry Trends

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