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How dose the titanium wire 3D printing process work in DMLS?

       Today everyone can use 3D printing wire service for printing your design in titanium-yes,3D printed titanium wire! Read on to learn more about DMLS printers, the DMLS technology, and DMLS titanium. 

       DMLS means direct metal laser sintering,the ultra high end 3D printing process of DMLS is one of the world's newest and most advanced manufacturing technologies and is now in the hands of consumers, inventors.How dose the titanium wire 3D printing process work in DMLS?

1.A thin bed of titanium powder is laid down in the 3D printer.

2.This layer is then sintered by a very powerful laser and will become the bottom layer of your part.

3.A new layer of powder is applied and the process repeats itself.

4.Your part is taken out of the 3D printer and any loose unsintered powder is removed.

5.In most cases your part will have support structures 3D printed on and around it out of titanium.

6.These supports have to be removed manually using very powerful circular saws and other tools.

7.Once the supports have been removed manual polishing is required to remove evidence of the supports.

8.Then a post finishing step may be required such as polishing the entire part.

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