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How about the titanium forging capabilities of yixin titanium

       In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the demand for titanium forging,the price of commercially pure titanium also has risen sharply.Titanium forgings that are used with commercially pure alloys (Grade 1 ,Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4) are primarily used in Aircraft Frame applications.

       Yixin titanium's titanium forged products include blocks, bars, shafts, forged rings, flanges, rings, seamless rolled rings.We have experienced team of employees which are working in titanium industry for years.They have good knowledge of metallurgy of titanium and titanium alloys,manufacturing processes ,heat treatment and non-destructive testing,such as : Ultrasonic Testing(UT),Dye Penetrant Testing(PT), Radiographic Testing(RT) etc.

       If you want to konw our titanium forging workshop,welcome to consult and visit our factory.For titanium forging value-added services, such as cold and hot forming, heat treating, cutting, machining, rolling and welding, please contact our facilities.

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