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Model: Weld neck flange

GR7 Titanium Mechanical Flange

Titanium gr7 flange manufactured as per customer order
Product Description

Titanium Gr7 Flange

Available material: GR1,GR2,GR3,GR4,GR5,GR7,GR12,gr23

Available type:WN,SO,PL,BL,LWN,TH,SW,PJ/SE,PJ/PR, ect.


Gr7 Titanium flange advantage: 

The crevice corrosion resistance of the GR7alloy is optimal in various high-temperature, high-concentration chloride-containing media. Since the addition of Pd increases the cost of titanium, GR7 is selected under the condition that industrial pure titanium cannot meet the requirements of use. 

GR7 Titanium alloy application:

GR7 alloy is mainly used in dilute hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid and dilute phosphoric acid environments, and is also widely used in titanium equipment to prevent crevice corrosion. Such as the use of tubular heat exchangers and textile spinnerets and other components. In the acetaldehyde plant, TA9 is used in large quantities to manufacture flanged rings and diamond-shaped gaskets for titanium equipment, and in other devices, it is also used to manufacture gapped parts such as flanges and joints. This alloy is also used as a structural material of C2H2Cl2.

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