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Conference among Young Elites in Titanium Industry

    On the afternoon of October 18, 2019, Baoji Titanium Conference among Young Elites, hosted by Baoji Yixin Metals and Titanium Information Association, was successfully concluded in Grand Hyatt Hotel.


   This conference was attended by more than 50 representatives(80-90s) from the titanium industry, mainly discussing market segmentation, resource integration, technical breakthrough, quality control, talent training, system construction, and the promotion of Baoji city as Chinese Titanium Valley.


  During the conference, all of representitives made statements orderly and actively. As the undertaker, Baoji Yixin Metals introduced their development,result of the company in recent years as well as some ideas about titanium industry.


图片3图片4  Through this conference, young talents attending had a clearer understanding of future development as well as promotion for titanium industry, and it also inspired their strong sense of industry mission.


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