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Client Audit on YIXIN dated Sept 23th,2021

On September 23, 2021, Yixin Metal welcomed the end user Baker Hughes, a well-known foreign oil and gas company, as the material supplier for a one-day audit.  


During the audit, GM Mr Sun warmly welcomed the arrival of clients. And they were accompanied by the head of each department, reviewing program files , work instruction and record, and visiting the factory, understanding the production process, and inspection process is also performed for the them.  



      The clients affirmed the good working environment of YIXIN company and gave relevant suggestions and opinions on production process and quality control. YIXIN company recognized its own shortcomings through the audit, humbly accepted and corrected the problems found by the clients.  


    Each audit of different dimensions will promote yixin's better development.  And the two sides also discussed future cooperation issues and hoped to achieve mutual complementarity, win-win and common development in future cooperation projects. 

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