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China will become the third largest producer of titanium powder

On March 14,

Source: Fanyu News

Recently was informed by research and development experts in Yunnan, "Separation of plasma high-temperature titanium - aluminum" technology to be successful. 

  The end of this technology will completely sell raw materials, titanium-rich history of Yunnan, making China the United States and Russia following the production of titanium powder directly to the world's third-largest titanium industrial countries. 

  Experts, Yunnan is rich in mineral resources, exploration results, only the province of the rich people, Luquan, the three county Wuding proven reserves amounted to twenty million tons of ilmenite, mineral grade of four per cent fifteen to forty-nine enough to use five years of mining. 

  But due to smelting technology behind a long time only in Yunnan, titanium ore raw materials, mainly for sale. Titanium Yunnan before export of raw materials, only a few cents per kilogram titanium ore. Until recent years, beginning with the production of titanium dioxide processing enterprises, the price per tonne of titanium dioxide at about twelve thousand yuan or so. 

  According to reports, the current annual demand for titanium in China each year from 2.5 to 30,000 tons, while domestic production of titanium is only 1500-2000 tons, a huge gap in the market. 

  In the domestic market, a ton of titanium powder price is six hundred thousand yuan, the international market as much as eight hundred thousand U.S. dollars per ton. 

  After the success of the technology research and development, will soon put into use, it has been responsible for "Titanium - Aluminum Industry Project" a project the construction of titanium metal powder factory Mining Limited Fumin, chairman Shang Jiarong blond introduced titanium plant starts, will produce ultra-fine, high purity titanium powder twenty-eight thousand five hundred tons, thirty-seven thousand tons of pure iron powder, titanium powder, seven thousand two hundred tons, "annual output value can reach 3.09 billion yuan, can be turned over to the taxes seven hundred million yuan. 

  This will fill the historical development of Chinese titanium industry gap. "Titanium and its oxide, is an important coating alloy products, new structural materials, corrosion materials, known as" following the iron and aluminum in the development after the first Three metal "and" strategic metals "in the aviation, military industry, metallurgy, chemicals, machinery, environmental protection, medical equipment, has wide application areas, in national economic development has an important position and role.

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