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Biennial Audit as a Supplier of AKER--YIXIN TITANIUM

Yixin Metals completed its biennial audit as a supplier of AKER from October 15th, 2019 to October 16th, 2019. This audit is divided into two aspects: HSE Audit (Health, Safety and Environment) and Quality System Management.Yixin Metals warmly welcomed and actively accepted this aduit.


In the two-day audit, two auditors respectively reviewed the system data, relevant records and workshop conditions patiently and carefully. During the audit, all staff carefully cooperate and answer the questions raised by the auditors in a comprehensive and detailed way. In just two short days, AKER's auditors have affirmed the growth and progress of Yixin.


The two auditors put forward suggestions on the HSE and quality management system respectively. Yixin had a full understanding of its own shortcomings after this and will actively learn the advanced experience of audit teachers, constantly strive to improve efficiency, reduce costs, provide superior products and services, enhance customer satisfaction, so as to continuously provide a strong guarantee for the company to expand the market share and to promote long-term development.

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