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Beijing Titanium Exhibition 2018.9.17-19

The 11th China International Titanium Expo 2018


VenueBeijing-China International Exhibition Center (New Hall)



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Founded in 2003, Baoji Yixin specializes in the production and sales of titanium and titanium alloy materials, with cutting-edge technology and equipment for the production of forged titanium products. The main products: titanium ring, titanium rod, titanium flange, titanium forgings, titanium wire, titanium extruded tube. Application areas: military, aerospace, subsea, medical, 3D printing, oil & gas, etc. Equipment: forging hammer, ring rolling machine, forging furnace, annealing furnace, lathe, non-destructive testing equipment (ultrasonic testing, penetrate testing, radiographic testing, hardness testing), related equipment has been certified according to API 6A and Norsok M650 standards. Yixin Titanium has obtained the AS 9100D Aerospace Quality Management System Certificate in 2017.

Yixin Metal has applied for 13 patents related to titanium and titanium alloy materials through years of technical accumulation:

2 domestic invention patents, 1 appearance patent, 1 utility model patent;

9 patents are pending;

Yixin has an intellectual property system and has successfully registered corporate trademarks.

Yixin controls the quality of its products and services through strict product quality control and perfect quality system. YIXIN company was recognized by Baoji government and was granted the right to use the government's proprietary trademark “Titanium Valley”.

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