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Application of Titanium

All Metals & Forge Group has been a major supplier to the oil and gas industries for decades, supplying high quality and extremely competitive pricing. When there is a rig breakdown, All Metals & Forge Group is there to provide quick pricing (under 48 hours, if need be, HOURS!)Due to the tough envi
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Titanium in medical applications
The high strength, low weight, outstanding corrosion resistance possessed by titanium and titanium alloys have led to a wide and diversified range of successful applications which demand high levels of reliable performance in surgery and medicine.YIXIN TITANIUM summarizes application of titanium in medical industry.
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The application of titanium in the chemical industry
Titanium has been used in mang industries,but,today we will mainly introduce the usage of titanium in chemical industry and subsequent industries.
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Titanium bar for global aerospace
With the titanium products, titanium alloys products and manufacturing methods are employed by the aerospace industry, the use of titanium bar will expand in this application.
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Titanium in aircraft
Titanium products are used widely in aircraft, especially titanium bar. YIXIN TITANIUM mainly talks about titanium for airframes and Titanium for engines with you.  
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Titanium application in petrochemical refineries
Titanium has been used in refineries for over forty years. Initial applications were in tubing for heat exchangers where titanium was specified because of corrosive cooling water.
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