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About Titanium Gr5 Forged Ring

       Titanium Grade5 Forged rings are components manufactured from titanium alloy with additions of oxygen, nitrogen and traces of ferrous content. Titanium Gr.5 Forgings have high strength, low weight ratio and outstanding corrosion resistance. 

       Yixin Titanium Industry is one of the leading China titanium ring manufacturers and suppliers, and we are also a professional company and factory, welcome to wholesale titanium ring products from us.Yixin Titanium is committed to providing various titanium forged rings,we can supply all different grade titanium forged rings.The information of Titanium Gr5 forged ring as following:

       Item                         Titanium Gr5 forged ring

       Standard                  ASTM B381

       Material Available    Gr1/Gr2/Gr3/Gr4/Gr5/Gr7/Gr9/Gr12/Gr28

       Pruduction Scope    OD:300-1500mm;ID:200-1400mm;H:20-500mm

       Pruduction Method  Forging

       Condition                 Annealed

       Test                          Ultrasonic testing,Visual inspection,Dimensional inspection,Tensile&Chemical properties analysis.

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