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ASTM B348 Gr2 Titanium Bar

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Titanium bar is a very popular product that can be adapted for a large variety of uses. 

Commercially pure titanium bar for sale available forms include round, square and rectangular bar.

YIXIN titanium provides complete lines of titanium bars, not only we has complete quality traceability but also there is no minimum order request. The most important thing we can ensure is that the whole production process under strict control and we deliver qualified products for you.

Besides, France standard and Russia standard are also available for production:


BT1-0、BT1-00、BT6、BT3-1、ПТ-3В (PT-3V)、3M、BT5、ПТ-7M; etc


Titanium bar category:

As per processing method: Titanium Extruded bar, Titanium forging bar, Titanium rolling bar

As per shape: titanium round bar, titanium rectangular bar, titanium square bar, titanium flat bar

As per material: pure titanium bar: Gr1, Gr2    Titanium alloy bar:Gr5, Gr23, etc.


Titanium bar process: Billet preparation→Heating→Rolling→Heating→Rotary forging→Heat treatment→Straightening→

Grinding→Acid washing→Ultrasonic testing→Sampling→Inspection→Cut ends,cut to fixed size→Finished product inspection→Finished Product→Packing


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