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A trusted titanium bar supplier-baoji yixin titanium

       Titanium bars are one of baoji yixin titanium's most popular products, round bars, square bars, rectangular bars and hexagonal bar shapes with rolled or forged  processing technology. Baoji yixin titanium is an expert in the field and be recognised as a trusted titanium bar supplier.

       Titanium bars are used extensively in medical, aerospace and chemical industries, providing requisite strength to weight properties need to ensure extreme conditions and heavy usage without corrosion or failure. Baoji yixin also provide titanium rods for use in advanced electronic products for the consumer market. Some examples of where are titanium bars are being used:Dental Fittings,Structural Implants,Prosthetics,Fasteners for aerospace,ect.Contact us today for more information about where and what applications we currently supply titanium bars. 

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