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3D-printed titanium wire could save the money for production of aircraft

       The use of 3D printing titanium wire may not be the home phenomenon many hoped for, but the technology continues to find a place in the world of industrial manufacturing,especially in the production of aircraft.These cost savings are important for production of aircraft, which lost money until last year.This is quite normal for commercial  jet programs, which sink a lot of money into initial research and engineering, before trimming expenses by making the manufacturing process more efficient. 

       The use of 3D-printing helps to bring these costs down.A company in the United States has developed the technology for creating titanium wire, using a technique named Rapid Plasma Deposition or RPD, in which titanium wire is melted in a cloud of argon gas to create each part. This process cuts down on both raw material costs and energy usage compared to traditional forging and machining, making each jet cheaper to build.

       In the future,we hope this technology can be used throughout the aircraft manufacturing process,this will also open up the floodgates for 3D-printed titanium wire in commercial jets.

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