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2019 China Innovation and Development Conference on Titanium Melting, Forging, Rod and Wire with a successful end

China Innovation and Development Conference on Titanium Melting, Forging, Rod and Wire sponsored by Titanium Information Association was successfully held in Baoji From Nov 20 to 22, 2019. Baoji Yixin Metals, as the vice president of asscociation and one of the co-organizers of the conference, participated in this conference with more than 300 industry representatives from home and abroad.

This Conference invites to titanium industry experts at home and abroad, such as Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, AVIC, AECC, NORINCO GROUP and other experts from major forging enterprises in Aviation Industry, China Nuclear Power Research Institute, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Baoti Group, Nanshan Aluminum, Tsinghua University, and other fields dozens of experts.

This conference is divided into three parts: (1) Industry Information Sharing; (2) Interaction among 12 enterprises; (3) Plant Tours among several factories after meeting.

The topics for conference mainly include application of titanium alloy in aircraft landing gear, aerospace structural parts, civil aircraft, weapon armor, medical, titanium alloy large-scale bar forgings, discs and other aspects; At the same time, the manufacture of large-scale equipment, preparation of titanium alloy powder and quality system management were discussed.Titanium Alloy Melting Session invited experts from major domestic titanium alloy melting firms to report on the status and development of large-scale titanium alloy ingot melting technology, simulation of vacuum consumable electric arc furnace melting, improvement of titanium sponge smelting technology, electron beam cold bed furnace smelting technology, powder metallurgy and intermediate alloy preparation.

At the end of conference, Mr Sun Min, Vice President of Baoji Yixin Metals, shared the topic on The role and status of quality management in industry development. This report aimed at the necessity for cooperation among peers and called for establishing quality management standards.











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